Heating Oil

Alpha Oil’s heating fuel customers enjoy the best current pricing available because there are no contracts.

Payment is easily made through direct debit, credit card or cash.

There are many misconceptions about heating with oil. You may have lived in an oil heated home for years, or are just now considering one. Either way, we are here to answer your questions. If you have any questions about anything relating to heating your home, it would be our pleasure to talk with you.

Is oil heating efficient?
Heating oil creates the hottest flame of any home heating fuel. It's 400 degrees hotter than natural gas and makes electrical heat pumps shiver in comparison. Because it's so hot your home heats up faster, needs less fuel, maintains your desired temperature better and just feels more comfortable. New oil equipment has an efficiency rating of 85% or higher.

How clean is oil heat?
Modern Oil heat systems are among the cleanest of combustion devices. The new, high-tech equipment burns oil as cleanly as any fuel available. New oil burners release near zero levels of smoke and combustion discharge. With proper maintenance, modern oil systems produce virtually no soot.

Is oil heat safe?
Oil heat gives you one less thing to worry about: it doesn't explode. Before it can even burn, it must be turned into a fine particle mist and ignited. Oil poses one of the least risks of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning to your family. All gas and oil units should be checked regularly. All homes should have smoke and CO detectors.